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White people: stand up

Take action
against racism

Racism and white supremacy, these aren't fun topics to discuss. But we can't avoid it any longer. Every day we stay silent, every day we look the other way, every day we don't take action, people suffer and lives are lost. White people, it is time to stand up and own up to the system created by us, for us, and maintained by us, at the expense of people of color. Are you ready?

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Get Started!

Step 1

Take your stand

Are you making the commitment to stand up against racism? Are you making the commitment to become an ally? 

Allyship means standing with, and advocating for, marginalized groups that you do not belong to. Allyship is not about your personal convenience or receiving recognition for your actions, it is about using your voice and every tool at your disposal to advance equity and social justice. Share your commitment to allyship on your social media platforms. Click the button below for everything you need to make your allyship commitment post (png image, hashtags, and script).

Step 2

Call out racism

This is the day for you to call elected officials and ask them what they are doing to end racism and racial violence. You can utilize the scripts provided, focusing on different issues of racism that may be impacting your community, or you can create your own. Links to access contact information for state and federal officials are provided. For city officials, you can access contact information by visiting the website for your city hall, or calling your city hall and requesting contact with your Mayor's office or your city council representative.

Step 3

Learn: Anti-Racism Training and Resources

What does it mean to be anti-racist?

You can explore that question, and unpack the relationship between historical events, institutional frameworks, the ideology of white supremacy, and how those things come together to construct the social norms, stereotypes, and bias which inform our perception and behavior. Utilize the training and resources available at the Diversity and Resiliency Institute of El Paso.


Facilitated by the Diversity and Resiliency Institute of El Paso-

a project of the Borderland Rainbow Center

Step 4

Commit to Staying informed

Sign up for the mailing list or newsletter for one of these racial justice organizations/groups. By staying informed, you will stay motivated to continue your work in anti-racism and allyship.

Step 5

Invest in Racial Justice

Give a closer look to racially diverse authors, scientists, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Look at organizations that fight for racial justice and donate to them. Find people of color owned businesses and become a customer. Expand and enrich your experience in life by stepping out of your bubble. This page of suggestions can help.

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