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Take Your Stand.

Are you making the commitment to stand up against racism? Are you making the commitment to become an ally?
Allyship means standing with, and advocating for, marginalized groups that you do not belong to. Allyship is not about your personal convenience or receiving recognition for your actions, it is about using your voice and every tool at your disposal to advance equity and social justice. Share your commitment to allyship on your social media platforms. We have everything you need to make your allyship commitment post (png image, hashtags, and script).
Today, I pledge to become anti-racist. 
Today, I pledge to become an ally.
By taking this pledge: 
I acknowledge the existence of racism and inequity.
I understand that I have a responsibility to take action against racism and inequity.
I commit to learning about my privilege and bias.
I commit to learning about the history and experiences of different racial groups.
I commit to learning how to have difficult conversations about racism.
I commit to being mindful of the outcome of my words and actions, not just my intent.
I commit to speaking up and standing up when I see or hear discrimination and prejudice.
I commit to remembering that allyship is not about me.
I commit to listening to people of color.
I commit to learning from my mistakes.
I commit to not sitting on the sidelines when injustice occurs.
I am taking the pledge.
Will you join me?
Use this image to share your pledge on social media:
Use these hashtags
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