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Invest in
Racial Justice

Give a closer look to racially diverse authors, scientists, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Look at organizations that fight for racial justice and donate to them. Find people of color owned businesses and become a customer. Expand and enrich your experience in life by stepping out of your bubble. This page of suggestions can help.

Ten Organizations to Give a Donation

  1. Color of Change

    The country’s largest online racial justice organization, Color of Change mobilizes its 1.4 million members to knock down the walls that hold Black people back. Learn more and donate here. Click Here

  2. Advancement Project National Office

    We’re working with Advancement Project National Office this year on issues like reforming our broken money bail system. Supporting their mission means getting hundreds of thousands of innocent people out of jail and back to their families. Learn more and donate here. Click Here

  3. NAACP

    The NAACP has been on the front lines of the struggle for racial justice since 1909. The nation’s largest civil rights organization, the NAACP is dedicated to securing progress for communities of color and all Americans. Learn more and donate here. Click Here

  4. Dream Defenders

    Dream Defenders was founded in 2012, after Trayvon Martin was murdered in Sanford, Florida. They’re developing a new generation of leaders ready to end the criminalization of Black and Latinx youth. Learn more and donate here. Click Here

  5. Know Your Rights Camp

    Colin Kaepernick took a knee and changed the world. He founded Know Your Rights to empower young people of color and teach them how to interact with law enforcement. Learn more and donate here. Click Here

  6. #Cut50

    Van Jones and Newt Gingrich don’t join forces too often, but they did for #cut50, a bipartisan advocacy organization with a mission to reduce the prison population and make our communities safer and stronger. Learn more and donate here. Click Here

  7. Black Youth Project

    Young Black Americans are often talked about in the media, but it seems like they’re rarely heard from. The Black Youth Project provides a much-needed platform for the ideas and voices of Black millennials. Learn more and donate here. Click Here

  8. Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter is a dynamic, chapter-based, international organization whose goal is to create a world where violence is no longer inflicted on Black people. Learn more and donate here. Click Here

  9. National Coalition on Black Civic Participation

    Founded in 1976, the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation is dedicated to increasing civic engagement and voter participation in Black and underserved communities. Learn more and donate here. Click Here

  10. Live Free USA

    Live Free is a collection of congregations that’s working to create a movement for racial and economic change by increasing civic engagement and economic investment in communities of color. Learn more and donate here. Click Here

Support Minority-Owned Businesses in Your Community

​The Intentionalist is a nationwide-directory that makes it easy to find and support local small businesses and the diverse people behind them through everyday decisions about where we eat, drink, and shop.

Representation Matters


Check out the resources below to learn about people of color throughout various fields in history and present day. This is a critical component of anti-racism: recognizing the whitewashing of our education and media and actively seeking to find and learn about people of color in all spaces.

Ten Black Scientists You Should Know (PBS)

Eleven Native American Scientists and Engineers (Science Buddies)

Spotlighting Latinx Scientists (Gladstone Institutes)

17 New Authors of Color Writing Stories for Kids (Brightly)

29 Fiction Books by Black and Minority Authors (Literary)

Diverse Artists (Anti-Racist Art Teachers)

100 Years of Black Representation in Hollywood Films (CBC)

Thank you for participating in these anti-racist actions. I'll be updating these resources periodically, so keep coming back!

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