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Anti-Bullying Pledge

On this page you have the opportunity to take an anti-bullying pledge directed at politicians who target transgender youth. By pledging to stand against this form of political bullying, you can commit to supporting trans youth and speaking out against harmful legislation and rhetoric. This collective commitment can be an important step in holding politicians accountable in a way in which they aren't currently. They are allowed to continuously and relentlessly devise legislation to make living more difficult for trans youth, and trans people in general, and they can put forth harmful rhetoric and propaganda without consequence. Let's call it what it is: bullying. 

Allyship means standing with, and advocating for, marginalized groups that you do not belong to. Allyship is not about your personal convenience or receiving recognition for your actions, it is about using your voice and every tool at your disposal to advance equity and social justice. Share your commitment to allyship on your social media platforms. We have everything you need to make your allyship commitment post (png image, hashtags, and script).
Today, I pledge to stand up against those who bully trans kids. 
I pledge to stand against bullying in all its forms, especially when it comes from those in power.

I will speak out against harmful legislation and rhetoric that targets transgender youth, their families, and the broader transgender community.

I commit to supporting and doing what I can to protect transgender youth, ensuring they feel valued and respected.

I will promote empathy, learning, and allyship in my community and beyond.
I commit to not sitting on the sidelines when injustice occurs.
I am taking the pledge.
Will you join me?
Use these images to share your pledge on social media:
Use these hashtags
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