What is radical social work?
Radical social work is the idea that social work aims to improve people's lives not only by helping individuals and families but also by striving for structural change. Radical social work challenges the culture and status quo, and aims to change systems of oppression through advocacy, community organizing, and direct action. Radical social work also seeks to empower individuals to participate in creating social change.

To put it succinctly, radical social work is my jam.

I believe that as a social worker, I have the unique responsibility among helping professions to actively participate in civic actions and be outspoken in the centuries old battle for equity and justice. It is my goal to empower others to remember their power and worth, and to fight the oppressive systems which actively strip people of their dignity and worth as a person. My mission is the achievement of equity, liberty, and justice for all.
This is my mission.
I hope you'll join me!